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Meg Mackintosh and The Stage Fright Secret

Stage Fright coverIn this eighth adventure in the popular Meg Mackintosh Mystery series for young readers, children join Meg at school, where the mystery club is performing a play. During the twists and turns of the play, a real mystery takes place on the stage. Young detective Meg, who is the announcer for the play, must use her powers of observation and deduction to solve such questions as Why did the lights go out at the wrong time? What happened behind the curtain? Who stole the valuable prop? and Does the case have something to do with Meg's brother's stage fright?

This fast-paced suspense story offers a mini-play within the book that can be performed by young readers.



44 pages

ISBN: 978-1-888-69507-6


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Stage fright is the fear that affects a person about to face an audience, usually accompanied by nervousness and loss of concentration.