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Arranging an Author Visit

Interested in inviting Lucinda Landon to your school or library? Clue in to these important facts:

The presentation:

A Mystery Writing How-to for Young Authors. A lively talk about how to plot out a story, plant clues, and create a detective. A PowerPoint presentation shows the stages of book design and production.


Most appropriate audience:

Grades 2-5


Length of presentation:

1 hour, approximately


Maximum number of presentations per day:



Book signings:

Can be scheduled before, between, or after presentation. (Important tip: each book to be autographed should come with a slip of paper that gives the correct spelling of the name or names to be inscribed.)


Book ordering:

Books may be ordered directly from the author to be sent ahead of time or can be brought by the author on the day of the talk. The retail price of each paperback is $6.95, but school groups earn an approximately 15% discount, $6.00 per book. Schools can pass along the discount to the students or charge $6.00 per book and use the extra money for fund raising.


Size of group:

All sizes, from individual classes to groups of classes.



Classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, or gyms are all fine, but it must be possible for the room to be made dark enough for the PowerPoint presentation to be seen by all.



range from $500 to $1200.


Please email for further information.



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