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Meg Mackintosh and The Mystery at Red Herring Beach

Red Herring coverIn the 10th mystery in this series, Meg Mackintosh spends an afternoon at Red Herring Beach with her grandfather. After going for a swim, and after several suspicious characters come in and out of the beach area, Meg’s grandfather realizes that his gold watch has gone missing. Meg tackles this mystery with her cousin Maxwell as they search for clues and are led off the track by some red herrings, all adding to the mystery. Clues can be found in the illustrations and questions are posed to the reader to help them solve the case with Meg and Max.



48 pages

ISBN: 978-1-888-69514-4


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Did You Know?


People in a town in England objected to fox hunting as unfair to a small fox. So, the night before a hunt, they took strong smelling "red herring" fish and dragged them through the fields. The next morning, when the hounds took off, (with hunters on horseback right behind them), the hounds were lead off the track of the fox by the scent of the red herring... and the fox got away!


In a mystery, a "'red herring" is something that leads you off the track.