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A Meg Mackintosh Mini-Mystery

Meg Mackintosh, with Gramps and her dog, Skip, spent the afternoon fishing. Gramps got lucky and caught a big bass just before it started to rain. When they got back to their cabin, it was pouring, and Harry, the cat, was waiting on his warm spot above the wood stove. While Gramps cleaned the fish and sprinkled it with breadcrumbs, Meg heated some milk for hot chocolate. Suddenly a bolt of lightning cracked and the lights in the cabin went out. Gramps fumbled in the dark for matches and a candle. Something crashed to the floor. Skip ran in circles barking. A chair knocked over. Harry screeched. By the time Meg pulled her flashlight out of her detective kit and flicked it on, the kitchen was a mess ... and the fish was GONE!


Mini-mystery illustration


“Skip!” scolded Gramps. “You broke the platter and ate our dinner!”

“How do you know Harry didnít do it?” asked Meg, her eyes scanning the scene.

“Harry is still in the same spot, and besides, he couldnít eat a whole fish that fast,” Gramps grumbled, as he started to pour the chocolate into the hot milk “Looks like peanut butter sandwiches for us.”

“WAIT!” shouted Meg. “Donít pour the chocolate in the pot!”




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